Traveling 3

Traveling3 is Neil, Larry, and Mike Greene of Alexandria, Virginia (currently). This website shows 5 of the many places one or more of us have visited in the last few years. We lived overseas from 1991 to 1998 - in Kuwait, Dubai, and Korea. That got the travel bug revived and lead to visits all over the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The trips to China, India, and Morocco also included Spencer Wright, a good friend of Larry's. This site highlights trips to:

Ibn Battuta never dwells on what drove him on.

Curiosity? Perhaps . . . More likely it was a quest for knowledge.

One never seduced by a foreign culture cannot appreciate the fetters of his own. Life, after all, is a journey - a voyage of discovery.

Why not take the high road?

Thomas J. Abercrombie, Ibn Battuta, Prince of Travelers, National Geographic, December 1991